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Being a mum to 3 boys (8, 6 & 17 months) and knowing how boisterous they all are I decided to complete the 2hr Paediatric First Aid course with this company. First of all the instructor (Sarah-Jane) was lovely. She was very confident, calm and professional as well as making you feel at ease doing the course. The course not only covers choking and respiratory problems but also burns, cuts and general first aid issues. I recently had an incident with my 17 month old. He choked on a mini cheddar, before doing this course I would have panicked and scared him as well as myself but with the knowledge of taking this course I knew exactly how to deal with it. It took less than 15 seconds dealing with the problem and we were both very calm afterwards. I couldn't recommend this company enough!!


Stef, Parent 

The Year sixes at our school took part in VFA's\Flat Stan\first aid course. Sarah-Jane was calm and knowledgable. She quickly build and maintained a good rapport with the children- firm and approachable. The course was a good combination of information delivery, practical work in small groups and discussion. The children learnt about dealing with bleeding, choking and burns + CPR.

Jeni Wild, Staff at St Thomas of Canterbury School, Brentwood

I was recommended by a friend for this first aid training and I'm so glad I did it. Me and my friends learnt so much and SJ was so good with all our questions. I feel like I am much more confident knowing that in an emergency I now know what to do and handle it. Would definitely recommend...thank you SJ!

Jo, Parent

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